My Breast Implants, My Biggest Nightmare

Sometimes the things you want in life aren’t exactly the best for you. Unfortunately for me, I had to learn this the hard way. Getting breast implants turned out to be my biggest nightmare. Not only did it affect my health but it also made a deep hole in my pocket.

Getting breast implants was something I always wanted. I was the skinner twin out of my sister and I and I always had trouble filling in my bra. It became very annoying to me. It wasn’t an insecure thing for me. I’ve always been rather confident in myself. Wearing padded bras or not being able to wear the cute dresses I wanted to was something I just didn’t want to keep dealing with. I waited to be in my thirties to finally get them. I have always worked hard to be able to give myself the things I want and I found the perfect time financially and decided to go for it. My twin sister was very opposed to the idea of me getting breast implants from the very beginning. She felt I didn’t need them and she also felt like we wouldn’t be “twins” anymore. It really didn’t matter what anyone thought because I had already made my decision and there wasn’t anything anyone could have said to change my mind.

After much research in doctors and the type of implants and size I wanted, I finally got my implants on April 29, 2019. It was such an easy surgery for me. I felt little pain and had minimal bruising. By the third or fourth day I was already out and about, of course being careful. Everything had gone so smooth and I was so happy. I decided to take a trip to Spain in July and my surgeon said it was perfectly safe to do so. The trip went well and I didn’t really do anything crazy. It was more sightseeing and enjoying the food.

A month after my trip to Spain, I noticed that my left boob had gotten hard and my right boob seemed off. My boobs weren’t even and I knew something was wrong. I went back to my surgeon but he seemed to be a bit dismissive and I didn’t like it. I decided to go to another doctor that said he could fix it. I knew of this doctor because both my older sister and my cousin had used him for their implants. This doctor suggested I go bigger because it would be better. He explained the reason the right boob was uneven was because it had fallen out of the pocket. He said if I went bigger I wouldn’t have that problem. He is the doctor and I trusted his opinion.

Dec 6, 2019, I had my second surgery, only eight months since my first surgery had happened and I thought all would be ok now. However, it was the beginning of my nightmare. As soon as I saw my boobs after my second surgery, I knew it was a mistake. The implants were very big and I had blisters all over my nipples. It was painful and it was not a smooth recovery at all. I wanted to cry but I kept it to myself and just prayed all would be fine. I convinced myself that my breasts were just swollen and that eventually my boobs would not stay that big. Unfortunately, not only did they stay that big but my nipples got bigger and my breasts became harder and harder as the months went by.

The summer of 2022 is when I finally admitted to myself that I couldn’t keep going with these implants. I had become insecure and my health started to shift. I developed this weird rash all over my neck and around my eyes. It was the weirdest rash and no one could figure it out. I went to the dermatologist and to an allergist and nothing. No cream or medicine helped it. I stopped wearing makeup for a while and even tried changing the brushes and brands of products and still the rash would appear. I would casually get heart palpitations and even though I knew that wasn’t normal, I would ignore it until I couldn’t anymore. My boobs had gotten so hard, people on social media started to make jokes. My breast also began to hurt to the point where I would not want to even wear a bra. I couldn’t sleep facing down and couldn’t enjoy getting a massage because my breasts were just so hard. This is when I decided my implants had to go and it’s when I began my research in breast explant.

My following blog will be about my research in breast explanting and how I found my life savior, Dr. Rankin. I hope that by sharing this story, it will give women a better understanding on how getting breast implants is probably a bad idea, especially with all the new information that is available now.

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